Quarter Life Crisis: What’s Yours?

There are days I think my blog should be called, “Diary of a Crazy Person.” Ask anyone who has ever known me what words they would use to describe me, and let me tell you what they WOULD NOT SAY:





“Free spirit”

What they WOULD SAY is something more like:




“Plays by the rules”

And that second person, the person I AM, is sooooooooo not the type to “follow their dreams and move to NYC” (in fall of all seasons with the impending doom of winter on the horizon, when she was BORN IN CALI-FRICKIN-FORNIA.)

I just contacted every job contact I have in that New York City. Totaled seven people. And I totally believe in my ability to “figure it out” provided 0/7 email me back, BUT STILL. I can only imagine what all of you people who knew me in high school are thinking. Maybe you are proud of me. Maybe you think I’m nuts too. Maybe I shouldn’t be thinking about what people in high school are thinking about me…

Either way, this is what’s happening. Nothing is ever too broke to be fixed. I have been provided for in my journey thus far, and it’s not as if this decision was just made overnight (though most of the time that’s what it feels like.)

In my 25th birthday card from my sister, she wrote, “What do you think your quarter life crisis will be? You should be sure to have one, they’re really fun.”

Well sister Cynthia, I am pretty sure deferring grad school, selling everything I own, and moving to New York City qualifies. I am pretty sure it does.

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